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Blocked drain clearing experts in Melbourne

At Local Melbourne Plumber, we are your local blocked drain experts, and have been for ten years. We provide a 24/7 drain cleaning emergency service in Melbourne, and a versatile regular and emergency plumbing service in Melbourne. There are a few simple things that you can do in order to ensure that around the home, your pipes and drains stay blockage free;

– Monitor the condition of all of the drains in your home and outside even just by eye to check for obvious blockages, and run water into sinks etc to ensure that they are draining at the expected rate.

– Frequently run hot water into sinks and drains to dissolve and break down blockages that may be forming in your pipes

– Check your downpipes and gutter every few months, and give a thorough clear when required. The more frequently you do this, the less likely you are to encounter blockages down the line.

– For more significant blockages, for example, the kind of thing you would expect to occur in the kitchen sunk, keep a plunger handy, or invest in a drain cleaner. Be warned: seek advice or research which drains cleaner is used for a particular pipe, the wrong cleaner in the wrong pipe may corrode the pipe.

Sometimes, however, these minor steps may not be sufficient when it comes to really nasty blockages, or when there is a blockage in a section that is difficult to conventionally access. For times like these, at Local Melbourne Plumber, we have got you sorted for all of your blocked drains in Melbourne.

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