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Solar hot water

Solar hot water systems are becoming a popular choice in the home in recent times, as a solar hot water system can provide a cheap, eco friendly solution to all of your hot water needs. In an average household with an electric hot water system, the hot water system can account for anything up to 25% of energy consumption, and hence, energy costs. With a solar hot water system, expertly installed by one of our experienced plumbers, you will start saving immediately, and continue to save in the long run.

There is also potential to receive particular government rebates, but these are a function of the specific system installed, and the location amongst other things, subject to change at the discretion of the government. For more details regarding potential rebates for the installation of solar hot water systems, more information is available through government websites.

We offer only the highest quality of solar hot water systems in Melbourne from the most reliable, highest quality plumbing suppliers in the market. Our expert staff are more than capable of performing any installation or maintenance that you may require on your solar hot water system, and can provide advice by virtue of a wealth of experience. So why look elsewhere? For all of your solar hot water system needs in Melbourne, give us a call at Local Melbourne Plumber

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