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Water and energy efficiency specialists in Melbourne

It has always been important to monitor and optimise your energy and water consumption, and now more than ever due to the ever increasing cost of living.

Here are some quick tips from your friendly Local Melbourne Plumber to help you cut costs and save energy in your home or business;

– Insulate all pipes through which hot water runs

– Install water efficient showerheads; showering uses more hot water than any other activity in the average household

– Consider the location of your hot water system, if considering a new installation do so as close to the outlet as possible to reduce heat loss

-If you notice a leak, act as soon as possible, as the longer a leak continues to occur, the more it will cost you.

– Electric hot water systems can account for up to 25% of the average household electricity bill. If you don’t use an excessive amount of hot water, consider alternatives such as a gas hot water system.

We have been servicing the Melbourne community for more than ten years, and when it comes to hot water in Melbourne, we are your local experts. Contact us at your convenience to find out what your Local Melbourne Plumber can do for you!

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